Oladimeji Ojo
2 min readMay 23, 2019


Kukiri Chanya - Positive Confession

Go and rest in peace! Wale said to his five-year old boy.

It was on a Saturday, the night was young but Wale’s boy was feeling sleepy, so he told his father, who at that time needed all the concentration he can get to perfect his art work which a customer had paid for. Wale replied his boy, "go and rest in peace," the boy walked briskly into the masters bedroom and laid flat on his father’s California King sized bed. When morning came, the father tried to wake his boy up to no avail. The boy had died in his bed.

Wale had probably spoken from his subconscious, alas, the power in the tongue! Wale lost his boy to death, just like that.

When Arya Stark was asked of the Red woman what should be said to the god of death in the third episode of season eight of the famous TV series: Game of thrones. Her response: not today, probably didn't increase their odds of winning against the army of the dead, but it did bolster some realm which is unknown to man - the realm of words which becomes flesh and acts in our command. Have you thought of what could happened if Arya responded otherwise?

Realm of words, realm of possibilities.

In the face of conspicuous failure, what do you say to failure? Look how successful this project is going to be. I will comeback with a win. I am a winner! This is a learning phase and I will get better. My victory is certain. I overcome notwithstanding.

When you're vulnerable and you know it, what do you say to vulnerability? I have all the help I need. I obtain favour. I am strong.

When business is not progressing and your job is in dire straits. What do you say to challenges? I have breakthrough. My business booms. This is a growth phase for me. I increase in every border.

Let it be registered in your subconscious that the confessions you make has a transformative potential to make or mar your progress.

Kukiri Chanya, confess life!