Oladimeji Ojo
2 min readJun 17, 2019

Let the big dogs grow the young

...for it is written that the Young Shall Grow.

In Africa where it is so easy for you to trade your dreams for that which is non-sustaining; it becomes a must for you to thirst for more and refuse mediocrity. To achieve this, you must look forward to (be in the midst of) those who challenge you or have gone ahead of you.

I have both served as Mentor and Mentee, but first, I am mentee before mentor. I have had rare privileges to be mentored and to mentor. I continually learn without permission, from some of the best the world has to offer; and yes, I give back.

that which is sustaining....

It is well refreshing to know, that the parchments you gave out, better still, the knowledge you passed across to that younger generation is self sustaining; and it is an investment. Talk of Nigeria's sick human capital index. Passing over that skill, that tool, that resources might be crucial to doctoring our sick human capital; and it is key to even your fulfilment as a global citizen.

During my graduating year, my mentee: Gideon was awarded Freshman of the Year while I equally got awarded Finalist of the Year in a parting ceremony organised by the Sultan Bello Hall in the University of Ibadan. Gideon runs a digital entertainment platform: YDFTv, needless to say, he is an entrepreneur. I was glad it became evident that our relationship was fruitful.

In an age where knowledge is plentiful yet scarce, it behoves anyone to duplicate themselves in younger generation. Who's your protégé? How do you intend to keep your knowledge bank charged for the next century? Think on these things.....

Today, I am being mentored by the great Ephraim Daka, who celebrates even the littlest of my achievements. He shares projects he is working on with me and explains why he made certain decisions. I have also undergone the indirect mentorship of many of my senior colleagues, including Okoroafor Sydney, who was President of Nigerian Institution of Mechanical Engineers UI while I was his Vice. The skills I learnt from him helped me achieve even greater tasks.

The air is denser and polluted, it chokes even the brightest. Lift one, teach one, grow one!

Cheers to the future
Oladimeji Ojo